The Simulator Radio Partnership Programme

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The Simulator Radio Partnership Programme
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Are you an established twitch streamer looking to broaden your viewer base? Do you play and stream simulation games? If so we can help!

Our partnership programme is designed to help you gain more followers whilst also spreading the word about Simulator Radio to people who love playing simulation games.

What you get:

Your stream name will be featured prominantly on our 'Partners' page along with your logo or avetar.

This will link directly to your twitch page and your avetar will be highlighted in a green border whenever you are LIVE and streaming!

You will also gain access to our request bot for your channel, meaning you and your viewers can send in requests directly from your twitch page.

All our Live presenters regularly mention our partners on air and if you message us when you are streaming whilst listening to Simulator Radio, your stream will get a shoutout letting people know where to get involved and give you a follow.

Finally, you will gain the 'Partner' tag in our popular discord channel.

All of this is FREE!

What we ask in return:

All we ask in return is as follows.

You feature our Simulator Radio Partnership banner on your stream information section, linking it directly to our homepage.

You tag your stream with our 'simulatorradio' community tag.

If you chose to listen to an in game radio station rather than your own music, we ask that we are your station of choice!

And thats it...

If youre interested in becoming a partner or just want more information, contact RadioJay via email: [email protected]
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